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Welcome to my Web site in which I present my skills!

My name is Grzegorz Kulig. In 2000 I graduated from art school and became a professional wood-carver.

 Then in 2001 I made my first helmet, but at this time it was just my hobby. Over the past few years there has been a significant evolution in my armouring skills and craftsmanship.

Now making armour is a real great passion of mine and it has also become my profession. I consider myself a very lucky guy, as I can now join these two things together.

 I am continually learning new armouring techniques, because I believe in continual personal development and growth. I always search for new challenges and love making new pieces. Experimenting in making new pieces allows me to learn more and more about historical armouring techniques.


My dream is to make armour and helmets using only historical techniques in the future. But for now, I am also very happy to accept less challenging orders, like for example welded helmets. However, I mostly suggest to my customers to order a helmet made in one piece, because raising and hot forging are the things I like to do most in my work.

I make my replicas for re-enactors and collectors, as well as for museums.

Main rules in my work are:

1) Hand-forging.

Every element of my armour is made using only high quality materials. I forge every piece by hand, using only the strength of my arms, for no machines are used. I never use a press or other machines to form and shape the steel. To use modern forming machines would certainly speed up the process, but I believe that to use such modern tools and techniques in it's production deprives the piece of it's individual attributes, historical characteristics and it's soul.

2) Historical authenticity.

I make my armour and helmets based purely on historical finds, extant original pieces or depictions from period sources. 

3) Durability.

 I have been a Viking fighter for a few years. In Poland our viking and medieval 'fights' include head shots, so the importance of both safety and durability of my products is very important to me. The materials and techniques I use in crafting my products, makes my armour very durable. Even if my customers do not necessarily live in Poland, they often visit Polish historical events and battles.

4) Attention to detail.

I take as long as necessary to ensure, that my armour is as close as possible in appearance to the original pieces in construction, shape, detail and decoration.

For more information, please take a look at my recently updated "F.A.Q" section.

Raising a helmet in open air experimental center in Lejre, Denmark:

I also conduct demonstrations on authentic armouring techniques in open air museums and at historical events. Please, take a look at my "experiments and shows" page. I am also an historical re-enactor. Together with my wife, Gracjana, we portray wealthy people from Birka, Sweden. (Xth cent.)

Both in our re-enacting and in my armouring craft I do everything I can to stay at the highest level of authenticity.

My web site is not a catalogue as such and does not contain mass-produced items, as I work purely from commissioned orders. But occassionally I have some items for sale, so we have created a page "for sale" showing items we have currently in stock.

Every product that is documented on this site was produced solely by me. Also, all types of jewellery, belt ornaments, which I make sometimes and decorative parts of the helmets and armour I produce are 'hand-made' by me. I only ever commission the moulding of parts in a professional foundry.

The only exception to this rule are the hand-forged blades which I order mainly from my friend - Robert Kapusta.

If you do not seek mass-produced armour, but appreciate true craftsmanship and aspire to own a high quality replica, then you have come to the right place.

I now invite you to peruse the rest of my site, which I hope you will enjoy. Please do not forget to visit my web site from time to time, as I often have new and exciting products listed. 

Best wishes,




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